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Journal- "Cristmas rooster"

Once upon a time in the very depths of the English countryside there was one little village. It wasn’t anything much, it wasn’t famous for anything special. Just a simple village with simple people just like anywhere else in England. The people of this village were mostly cowherds and sheep-herds and their economy was fully depending on their livestock. They sold the wooly coats and milk to the neighbourhood villages and this is how they made their living. Like any other ordinary English village, this village had a Pub, where the villagers loved to spend their evenings, sipping beer from the pint glasses, having a noisy chat and have a little fight now and then.
In the end of each year they would come together in that pub to celebrate the end of the year and to share their accomplishments, discuss who is the best cowherd, shepherds, salesman, coat maker and so on…

But this year they wanted to make it very special, so the owner of the Pub has secretly gone to the market in the other village to buy a bunch of chickens for a traditional Christmas roast on that day. 
When he went to the market, there was a lot of things to see and a lot of things to buy, and of course a lot of life chickens. He has purchased over 20 chickens and loaded them in the cages into his truck. While he was getting back into a cabin of his truck, he hasn’t noticed how a lovely, the most beautiful rooster has jumped up onto the roof of his truck. 
When he arrived back to his village, he stopped by the pub and asked some of his employees to unload the truck into the back yard. So they did, placing all of the cages with chickens in the backyard of the pub to be slaughtered tomorrow for the Christmas roast.
The little rooster has followed them discreetly and when the men were finished with the cages, they have locked the gate of the back garden and have hidden the key underneath the stone nearby, exactly where the Pub Owner has told them to leave it. 
Just before the sunset while everybody was still asleep, the little rooster got the key with his claws from under the stone then jumped up the fence into the back garden. He has opened all the cages and has set all of the chickens free. One by one, they ducked under the garden fence, squeezed through and quickly made their way into the nearby forest. The rooster was the last one to leave and he decided to sit on the very top of the pub roof and make sure that all of the chickens will make their way to the forest safely.
Suddenly, the pub owner has heard the sounds coming from the chimney. He has, of course, slept on the top floor of his pub, as he has a room there. So surprised by the sounds, he went to have a look inside of his fireplace and up through the chimney. Even if he was already an adult and did not believe in Father Christmas, still his curiosity made him look into the chimney just in case. 
- What if it’s…? - He wondered…
He decided to dress up and silently tiptoed out of his room and then through the back door of his pub to take a look from the outside. His adult side was also alerting him that these could have been some hooligans trying to steal something from him. When he came out of the pub, he didn’t see anything, and as it was almost the time for the sun to rise and the sky was already a little bit brightened up, he decided to have a look at the load of chickens that he was supposed to slaughter this very morning for the Christmas roast. But to his surprise, neither he could find a key, neither he could see the chickens. Frustrated and angry he started to look around the house to find out what has happened. He was so sure that the chickens were stolen from him by the villagers so that they don’t have to pay for the meal and cook it at home instead…
He was so furious that he didn’t even noticed how he ran around his pub over 10 times. Tired from running he stopped to try and catch his breath. He looked up at the chimney on the pub’s roof to see what that noice was about earlier in the morning and he saw a beautiful little rooster sitting graciously on the chimney, basking in the first rays of rising sun. The golden key in his beak sparkled and shined beautifully and of course the Pub owner has noticed the key as well. He understood what have happened and this made him very angry.
- Oh you Naugty Rooster!!! I will get you!!! - He shouted and then went back inside the back garden, got the tall ladder and placed it next to the Pub’s wall and started to climb it. He then jumped up over the roof and started approaching the rooster. When he was about to jump for his last winning jump, the little rooster called: "Cock-a-doodle-doo!" and flew up high and dropped the key into the chimney of the pub. This loud Rooster’s call has woken up all of the neighbours as they were sleeping restlessly, awaiting for the Christmas morning to come. Nobody had a rooster here in this village and therefor, surprised by the new sound, they dressed up quickly and ran out of their houses to see where the sound was coming from. 
The fight on the roof was still going on, as the Pub owner jumped from side to side of the room like a clumsy bear and the rooster graciously jumped away from him from chimney to chimney of the pub. In the end the pub owner has slipped and fell down the roof into a snow pile just by the main pub’s entrance. By that time all the villagers were already standing by the pub, half dressed, surprised and curious. 
- What happened? What was that? One of the villagers enquired?
- Ooooh that Naughty rooster!!!! - the pub owner replied, while rubbing his bottom that he fell so hardly on.
The rooster went back to the forest and nobody has seen him since, but the tales of a brave rooster who saved his 20 chickens has roamed around the village for months and months. And when the new Pub owner has decided to rename the pub to give it a fresh start, the villagers gave one single name - The Naughty Rooster.
So even now, until this day this pub stands in the middle of the most average English village and it’s roof is decorated by a lovely golden rooster figure in a memory of a brave little rooster who has saved his family from slaughter on Christmas day.

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