среда, 7 сентября 2016 г.

Dear friends! I've created a collection of brooches made ​​out of real copper. I have used the electroplating technique and have covered the real leaves and branches in copper and then applied different effects to give them different tones and colours. My favourite combination is the copper red and the blue patina. Which one is yours?
I love how this collection of nature inspired elements looks like real leafs and branches that got stuck in time somewhere and ended up being hardened by time. They look so real and at the same time very decorative and fairytale like. I love the autumn mood that they give. Surely a lot of wonderful jewelry ideas are already roaming inside my head ready to burst out into a new clay project.

Stay tuned and perhaps you will be the first one to see what I will be able to come up with by using these elements. Actually I have already started working on one of these projects and you will be able to see it if you explore this post further down to the very bottom :) So enjoy!

P.S. click the button bellow to see more pictures!

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